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The Challenge

K Health is using the power of data to change how healthcare is delivered within the U.S. They aim to disrupt, lead and reinvent the healthcare system. Having such a lofty mission and vision in an industry that directly impacts millions of lives meant that we had to be very careful of the story we would tell from an Employer Brand strategy standpoint.

The careers page needed to provide a world-class digital experience and tell a unique and compelling story that would attract and engage the best tech talent globally. It needed to get the tone of voice just right that would strike a balance between the heavy nature of the healthcare system and the exciting projects potential candidates would be working on.

Ideas & Execution

We wanted to ensure that the careers page was aligned with the employer brand strategy and EVP in every way possible. One of the key growth areas was remote clinicians, so we conducted extensive research to understand this candidate persona we'd identified through working on the K Health Employer Brand.

We built the website with the research in mind using experience-driven design to create distinct employer brand messaging, engaging videos, and real stories matched to each candidate persona. The result will be a career page and employer brand that will be a hub for K Health to attract the best global talent across various disciplines.


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