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The Company

Founded in 2007, Sweetgreen is the first ever-ever unicorn salad startup opening its first store in Washington DC. Fast forward 12 years co-founders Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet and Nathaniel have created a brand powerhouse that operates coast to coast with 93 locations, 4,000 employees with $1.6 billion valuation.

Those numbers are nearly as impressive as their ethics, message and values. They believe the choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from and how it’s prepared have a direct and powerful impact on the health of individuals, communities and the environment. Sweetgreen are in the business of feeding people, and they out to change what that means. The Fuze team couldn’t be more excited to partner with Sweetgreen and join them as they continue to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. We like that.

In 2019, Sweetgreen approached our parent company Bold Identities to help them develop an online platform to increase their direct hire capability.

Sweetgreen required a revolutionary recruitment platform to engage the best people on the market for all roles from store to HQ. All seamlessly integrated into their current ATS system, Greenhouse.

At that very moment,

was born.


The Aim

  • Higher Conversion Rate

    With high volumes of potential candidates visiting sweetgreen’s careers page every month, the internal recruitment team wanted to drastically improve the conversion rate of website visitors to applications.

  • UX

    To enhance UX we built micro-sites for each sub-division, location and store to ensure content and call to actions were specific to each target audience. All to be content managed from the CMS to make implementation of new micro-sites easy moving forward.


The Method

The project went through our standardised 4 stage delivery process to ensure high standards were adhered to and timeframes were hit.

1. Discovery

During early discovery sessions we liaised with all internal stakeholders to plan the site including specification outline, site architecture and needs analysis.

2. Design & UX

At this stage we consulted and implemented design and UX consultations to ensure the design was user friendly and encouraged users to convert quickly. Including user interface designs and user experience mapping.

3. Development & Integrations

The technical part! Including XD to HTML5, responsive layouts, WCAG accessibility, development of back end systems, browser optimisation, SEO optimisation and full ATS integration.

4. Testing & Launch

Time for QA and testing to ensure perfect delivery! Including functionality testing, optimisation of on page effects, browser testing, accessibility testing and checking all integrations were fluid. Once 100%, we launched the site on behalf of Sweetgreen.


The Result

From 12 weeks of development started, we launched a full functional, stand-alone careers website platform that all stakeholders are confident will outperform all competition.

Sweetgreen can now publish new content, media and micro-sites for all division required quickly and efficiently.

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