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360º Employer Branding

From research to promotion - our end-to-end solution

Our 360º

Below, we’ve outlined our 360° solution and the full journey of how you can use it to inspire the talent you need.

We know that every company is at different stages of this journey. That’s why we’ll weave our framework around your specific needs. To make the complex simple, we have created four products that look at different elements from our end-to-end solution.


  • Business alignment
  • Leadership view
  • Employee view
  • Ideal candidate profiling
  • Report and analysis


  • Workshops with our strategic directors
  • EVP development
  • Strategy & positioning
  • Core message framework
  • Playbook creation


  • Careers website
  • Custom design
  • Identity creation
  • Custom integration
  • Fuze Technology


  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Activate
  • End to end solution – see below

Stage 1 The internal research


Uncovering your current employer brand's truth is the first step to building a platform that will stop talent in their tracks.

Focus Groups

Data tells us what, people tell us why. The Fuze framework mixes qualitative and quantitative research methods to dig deeper than surface-level answers to uncover the gold that lies beneath.

Current employee evaluation

Evaluating how engaged, committed, satisfied and content employees are is a great way to gauge whether you’ll soon run into a turnover problem. It also provides insight on how you can further develop the positive aspects of your company culture and inspire your team.

Connecting the dots

To capture the true essence of your current employer brand it is vital to understand what the current reality is. Business strategy, leadership view and employee view all need to be considered to uncover the current truth and structure the new beginnings.

Ideal candidate profiling

To build the ideal employee profile, we’ll dig deep to find out what really matters to your organization’s superstars. We’ll look at the best performers (usually your top 20%) and pick out traits and attributes you’d like to replicate with any new talent.

Stage 2 The strategy and positioning


We’ll take you and any major stakeholders through the Fuze framework on one of our on-site or remote strategy sessions. Together, we’ll uncover the true essence of your employer brand and explore our next steps.

Employee value proposition

An employee value proposition (or EVP) offers a compelling answer to why both active and passive talent should choose you. We’ll create an authentic, inspiring and enticing EVP that you can live by.


You’ll already know that, to make a real impact, your organization needs to have a purpose. But a sense of purpose is also a crucial need for employees. We’ll weave your ambition and dedication into your employer brand strategy to attract the talent whose views align with yours.

Employer story

Telling your employer brand's story will help break down the walls of your company and take people behind the scenes and shine a light on the things that make you special. We will weave a narrative that will create emotional connections with your talent pools.


We’ll discover the core traits of your employer brand. This involves your personality, brand archetype and tone of voice. Each trait will drive all creative and strategic decisions, so it’s crucial that we nail these down before we progress.


Your employer brand vision is the future impact that you want to make. It inspires candidates to join you in helping achieve it. By understanding your ambitions and what inspires you, we’ll create powerful statements that distil your vision for your target talent market.

Core message framework

Defining the core messages of your employer brand creates engaging, undistorted, personal connections through potent positioning. By focusing this messaging, you solidify your brand in the minds of all stakeholders.

Stage 3 The identity


Using the insight gained from our research and strategy sessions, we’ll create visual assets. This distinguishes your employer brand from your corporate brand for more effective engagement. Now your target candidates can see not just what customers see, but what your organization is like as a place of work.

Corporate brand alignment

Your corporate brand identity will be taken into consideration to maintain the consistency of all creative work across your organization.

Visual landscape

We’ll create a visual identity that will effectively communicate your employer brand both online and offline.

Employer brand assets

We’ll build a set of unique graphical assets to be used across all of your recruitment marketing collateral.

Image, video, and typeface styles

We’ll produce a set of image and video styles and define a consistent application theme. We’ll explore typefaces for collateral too.

Stage 4 The activation


Now it’s time to roll out your employer brand for the whole world to see. This stage involves creating systems, integrations and full-scale marketing assets to attract, engage and secure the interest of your target talent market. See our Tech Stack for more details.

Careers website and digital tools

We’ll design and build your employer brand’s online presence. This involves the development of job and candidate portals, chatbots, automated email marketing systems, ATS integrations and much more.

Recruitment marketing assets

We’ll create memorable recruitment marketing assets to grab the attention of prospective candidates and encourage them to apply for a role. This includes videos, job advert and recruitment marketing templates, digital ads and HTML email marketing templates.

Stage 5 The employer brand playbook


By this stage, you know what your employer brand is from its purpose to its vision, but what about everybody else? We will pull everything that we’ve uncovered from the previous stages into the most important resource for your company. Your employer brand playbook.

What it includes
  • Employer brand strategy & core communication
  • Company story
  • Employer story
  • Job advert templates
  • Visual identity

Ultimately, to tell your story and attract those that can support you in making a difference.

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