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The 360° Employer Brand Solution

Our free intuitive health check tool enables you to unlock the power of your employer brand, discover how well it’s performing , and its potential to do even more for your organisation.


Stage 1

The Strategy and Discovery Sessions

The Internal Research

Comprehensive research to ascertain what your current employees value to gain an insight into how your EVP can be refined and communicated.

The ‘Why’

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Your prospective candidates and employees are no different. We’ll help you clarify your “why”.

The Archetype

Connect with your audience by identifying your employer brand personality archetype to engage with your audience on a human level.

The Traits

Discover the core personality traits of your employer brand to drive all creative & strategic decisions.

The Employer Brand Positioning Statements

Key employer brand positioning statements to provide a cornerstone of how you communicate to your talent market.


Stage 2

The Manifesto

The Employer Brand Manifesto

Working with you to create a defined document that’s describes and defines why your organisation exists, the EVP, it’s purpose, it’s DNA and more importantly, why people should care.

The manifesto will be the “soul” of your employer brand.

Differentiating you from your competition.

Creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Creating engaging, undistorted, personal connections with your talent market through potent propositions.


Stage 3

The Identity

Visual Landscape

Creating a consistent visual identity to effectively communicate your employer brand. Online & offline.

Employer Brand Assets

The creation of unique graphical assets to be used across all recruitment marketing collateral.

Core Identity Creation

The design and creation of the core identity.


Exploration of fonts and type faces to be used across all recruitment marketing collateral.

Image Styles

Production of a set of image styles and defining a consistent application theme.

Video Styles

Exploration of a defined theme for communication via video themes.


Stage 4

The Toolkit

Your Employer Brand Toolkit

The creation and presentation of your employer brand toolkit to be used by all stakeholders when communicating your employer brand.

To include:

Your Employer Brand Book

(Full guidelines and manual)

Your Employer Brand Manifesto
All Employer Brand Files & Assets

Stage 5

The Activation

The Careers Website

The design and build of the online presence of your employer brand to attract, engage & convert prospective talent.

The Recruitment Marketing Assets

The creation of memorable recruitment marketing assets including videos, brochures, HTML email templates, digital ads and social media / poster templates.

The Digital Tools

The development of job portals, chatbots, candidate portals, automated email marketing systems, ATS integrations + more.


Stage 6

The Promotion

Social Media Campaigns

Having great content and jobs is one thing, getting people to see it is another. Our bespoke social amplification package will help to push your content out to the right audience to grow your talent pipelines.

Paid Search Campaigns

The primary KPI for our paid recruitment marketing campaigns is meaningful inbound applications, candidate leads and opt ins into your talent pool.


Ongoing SEO optimisation of your online presence to ensure you are found and at the forefront of your talent market’s minds.

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