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The Challenge

When Better Balance approached the Fuze team, they faced a unique challenge. They had an exceptional product, but their online presence didn't reflect its quality. While their leadership had successfully promoted the brand at tradeshows, the disconnect between their offline and online identity hindered their ability to engage potential customers effectively.

Bridging the Gap: A Coherent Brand Identity

Better Balance needed a cohesive strategy to bridge this gap, aligning its offline brand experience with its digital presence. This was crucial to support their ambitious growth plans and establish a consistent and compelling brand narrative.

Ideas & Execution

To address Better Balance's challenges, Fuze developed a strategy that revolved around showcasing its products as a perfect fit for the food service industry, all while staying true to its commitment to high-quality plant-based options.

By Chefs, for Chefs

The concept of "By Chefs, for Chefs" emerged as the central narrative. This narrative was designed to resonate with decision-makers in the food service industry, meeting them on their terms. It told the story of how Better Balance's products were an integral part of their DNA, crafted with chefs in mind, and ideal for creating a wide range of exciting culinary creations.

Highlighting Versatility: Products with Personality

Furthermore, Fuze recognized the need to highlight the versatility of Better Balance's product range, both in professional kitchens and at home. Each product was given its own unique personality, allowing them to shine individually while contributing to a comprehensive menu of options. This approach showcased the variety of products and their endless possibilities, whether in a restaurant or a home kitchen.


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