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The Challenge

In today's age, a restaurant's front door exists online and on the sidewalk. Bolay needed a refresh across the board. Strategy. Employer Brand. Web design & development. They needed it all! And what a pleasure it was to work with their team.

Their attitudes towards the entire employee experience within the quick service restaurant industry are new and progressive. We were tasked with changing the perception of job seekers and redefining what a career in the industry can truly mean. 

Their brand identity was great, and the stores always looked modern and up-to-date, but their online presence told a different story, so it was time to get to work.

Ideas & Execution

A little piece of gold from the strategy sessions from Chris Gannon, CEO, was, "We are in the people business; we just happen to serve great food." We structured all the Employer Brand communications around this idea to change the narrative of what a job within the QSR can look like.

The company website and strategy were completely overhauled. The menus were no longer hard to find and were backed up by vibrant pictures of the food they served. We ensured that customers could see all locations with opening times and a system that enabled them to order online if they wished. Back to basics with a great design.


Web Design
Web Dev
Employer Brand

The Results

We structured the restaurant website to show the most important things to customers and created a careers section to attract talent.

  • Increased traffic by 120% in the first 12 months
  • Application bounce rate decreased by 54%
  • Average time on site 35.5 seconds
  • Implementation of an online ordering system 
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