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The Challenge

When Andy Hooper, CEO and President of Hart House, approached the Fuze team, he had a bold mission: "We're here to shatter the perception of what it means to work in a restaurant and lead the way in that change." This single sentence set up the rest of the project and pinned the strategy around this narrative.

Changing Industry Perceptions

The first challenge was overcoming the perception of working in the restaurant industry. The term "McJobs" had become synonymous with uninspiring, low-paying, and soul-crushing work. We knew we had to tackle these harsh realities head-on.

Empowering Hart House as a Standalone Brand

The second challenge was positioning Hart House as a brand that could thrive independently, separate from the immense social media influence of its founder, Kevin Hart, who boasts over 250 million followers. While Kevin remained an invaluable asset, we aimed to enable Hart House to establish its own identity, values, mission, and voice, charting a path to success without over-reliance on a single individual.

Ideas & Execution

To revolutionize an industry responsible for employing 10% of the American workforce, we needed an idea that would resonate with potential employees and set a precedent for the entire industry.

Introducing "The Social Contract"

Our solution was simple yet powerful: "The Social Contract." We recognized that every employee needed to embrace the vision fully to enact real change. This concept forms the foundation of the Social Contract, where employees enter into an agreement stipulating what they will "give" and what they will "get" in return.


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